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Not sure if you need planning permission? Want to find out more about what it involves and how long it takes?
Our team of experts will advise you on whether or not planning permission is necessary for your loft conversion and steer you through the entire process if you do need to apply for it. In the meantime, take a look at our Q&As for more information:
Do I need planning permission?
We can usually carry out the majority of our loft conversions without needing planning permission. However, you will need it if:

  •  You live in a conversation area
  • Your conversion exceeds the permitted space allowance for your property, which is 40 cubic meters for terraced properties and 50 cubic meters for semi detached and detached houses
How long does it take to be granted?
It typically takes between eight and 12 weeks for permission to be granted by your local council as they need to certify that all aspects of the project are accurate, correct and in keeping with the surrounding area.

If you do need to apply for permission, we’ll prepare your plans and liaise with the local council on your behalf.

What are party wall agreements?
A party wall is the adjoining wall between two, or three properties, if you live in a row of terraced houses.

They usually take up to two months to be granted and work cannot start until an agreement’s in place.

The easiest way for it to be granted is for you to consult with your neighbours, providing them with as much information as possible about the intended work. If they do give their consent, then you’ll need to receive their approval in writing.

 If this isn’t possible, you’ll need to consult a part wall surveyor, who will act on your and/or your neighbours’ behalf, in order to reach an agreement.

 Agreements tend to be made up of the following:

  1. Guidelines that govern how the proposed work should progress.
  2. A ‘schedule of condition’ of the adjoining property to ensure any work that has been undertaken has not affected your neighbours’ properties. (This is often supported by a set of photographs).
  3. Drawings illustrating the details of the proposed work.
What about building regulations? Do I need to meet them too?
All loft conversions need to meet building regulations as you are changing the use of your loft space. We’ll talk you through what needs to be covered when we survey your property.
Do I need a Lawful Development Certificate (LDC)?
An LDC clearly states that all work being carried on your property is lawful and meets building regulations.

They’re not mandatory however, they can be of benefit to you if you’re selling your property as it certifies that your conversion’s been carried out to the appropriate standards. What’s more, should you receive any enquiries from your local council, you’ll be able to easily verify the lawfulness of your conversion.