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Not sure which type of loft conversion is most suitable for your home? Looking for a conversion that will unlock the maximum potential of your loft space? Our team of consultants, architects and designers work with you to create conversions that enhance your property and meet your requirements.
Although we have the expertise and experience to deliver bespoke projects, we tend to find there are four main approaches to creating a loft conversion. They are:

Created by raising party walls on either side of your property in brick and then creating a timber frame between the two new wall extensions. This approach does involve changing the shape and structure of your roof so you will need to apply for planning permission. 


Most of the construction work is carried out externally and is generally faster than other types of loft conversions. Dormer conversions are timber structural extensions that are often hung in tile or slate. Planning permission isn’t generally needed providing you don’t have any existing extensions and meet certain criteria.


The existing roof structure remains untouched and Velux windows are installed in the roof alongside the conversion. This type of conversion is most suitable if you live in a conservation area and are unable to change the external look of your property. Planning permission isn’t always required.


Your property is extended on the sloping side. This conversion is usually combined with a dormer, mansard or Velux conversion and planning permission isn’t usually required.