Dormer Loft Conversion

Dormer loft conversions are one of the most popular conversions completed in the UK, as they are simply an extension to the existing roof on the property. This structural extension projects vertically from the plane of a sloping roof, maximising the amount of space available. They are a perfect way to quickly and easily create more additional floor space within your home in a beautiful, newly converted room.

The Benefits

Unlike many alternative loft conversions, Dormer loft conversions allow for the rooms to have vertically straight walls, providing you with much more space than the traditional slanted walls found in loft conversions of alternative styles. They tend to be relatively inexpensive depending on the size of your property to install when compared to other types of conversion, offering you an affordable way to increase the amount of living space you have available within your home.

Our bespoke service can provide you with a loft conversion which exceeds your expectations and turns your visions into a reality. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible service to each of our clients.

Full Width Box Dormer
Outrigger Dormer

Which Properties Work Well With A Dormer Loft Conversion?

Popular in both terraced and detached homes alike, a dormer loft conversion is a versatile solution which can be suitable for a wide range of different properties. In fact, they are even a feasible option for those lofts which already have limited height available.

Will I need Planning Permission?

In the majority of cases, adding a dormer loft conversion to your home will fall under the ‘permitted development’ rules and therefore will not require you to have planning permission. It is important, however, to be aware of the specific conditions and limitations which determine whether this is the case. This is where we can help. We work tirelessly to make sure our customers receive the best possible service and will take care of the planning permission for you, contacting the local authorities on your behalf to determine whether it is necessary and processing applications for you.

So, whether you’re looking for the additional space for your studying, for a home gym or as an additional bedroom, we can help.

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