Mansard Loft Conversion

If you are looking to transform your property and give yourself much more space, then a Mansard loft conversion could be the perfect solution for your needs. When a property is converted in this way, there is plenty of additional space created due to the nature of changing the roof so significantly.

The Benefits

Mansard loft conversions are usually, but not always, found at the rear of a property. They are the perfect solution for anybody who required a significant amount of additional space, whether due to a growing family or through other lifestyle issues.

The larger amount of room available is thanks to the exceptional design of the mansard loft. The mansard has a flat roof, with the back sloping inwards at just 72 degrees. The reason for this is that councils will view 72 degrees as a roof, rather than a wall, allowing this extension to incorporate as much space as possible.

These extensions can not only provide you with much more space but can also let in plenty of light and, with the windows built into the loft as small dormers, you will benefit from even more room as they protrude from the roofline itself.

Mansard Dormer
Double Mansard

Which properties will be suitable?

A mansard loft conversion can be suitable for a wide range of properties, both old and new. As they include a significant structural change, they can be especially suitable for properties which currently do not have enough space to comfortably convert the loft into a large enough extension, without changing the structure of the roof.

Will I need planning permission?

Due to the significant amount of structural change required, planning permission is often required for this type of extension. We are able to help you through this process with ease and strive to make the proceedings go as smoothly as possible should seeking permission be required. We will even send the designs to your local council on your behalf and assist with putting through the application.

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Outirgger Mansard Dormer
Project example