Our Process.

"From the design stage through to the finished product their communication and quality of workmanship were fantastic."

The Benchmark Lofts Process

Experience the Benchmark standard. Our streamlined process ensures a seamless, stress-free experience from dream to reality. Here's how we do it:


Crafting Your Vision

Connect with our knowledgeable team, prepared to understand your loft aspirations and explore the various possibilities. During our site visit, we will analyse your property to align your dreams with the actual space. With our team's expertise, we will offer tailored advice based on your home's age, style, and structure, resulting in a free personalised quote - the first significant stride in your loft transformation journey.


Committing to Your Vision

Following our detailed project discussions and mutual agreement, we move forward with a 5% deposit, securing your project's start date. Our architectural team will then initiate a meticulous site survey, propelling the design phase. You'll receive preliminary structural drawings, and we'll accommodate modifications until the design meets your satisfaction. Once finalised, we submit these to your local planning department.


Laying a Solid Foundation

As we inch closer to the project onset, it's crucial to establish party wall agreements, securing harmony with neighbouring parties. We're committed to aiding you throughout this process, offering recommendations for premium third party surveyors if required. Moreover, our team will provide a precise work schedule, detailing tasks for each day, and any specific requirements, ensuring clarity and transparency as the project rolls out


Turning Vision into Reality

Your loft conversion typically takes 9-11 weeks, this timeline being dependent on the complexity of the design. Our well-knit team ensures regular site visits throughout this phase, allowing us to track progress, address any arising issues promptly, and provide timely answers to your queries, keeping you informed at each stage of the transformation process.


Assurance and Validation

Upon project completion, we prioritise thorough checks, ensuring conformity with your expectations. Our team will be on-site to verify that the electrician has provided the Part P certificate necessary for your property. Upon receiving this, the council gets green-lighted to assess the project and subsequently issue a completion certificate. Post these communal approvals, we conduct our in-depth final evaluations, ensuring every component aligns with our quality standards. Finally, we conclude the project by providing you with your guarantee, reflecting our commitment to your satisfaction.


Beyond Project Completion

Even after the completion checks, should you have queries or encounter issues, rest assured that we are just a phone call away - dedicated to offering assistance whenever you require it. Contact us at any time at 020 7438 2043; our commitment to you extends beyond the project.

Comprehensive Approach to Tailored Transformations

We ensure personally-tailored, high-quality loft and extension solutions at every phase - from first sketch to final reveal. Your unique needs shape the bespoke designs our architects create. Our process weaves together meticulous planning, robust engineering, streamlined management and exceptional construction. We do more than transform lofts and extensions; we tailor the journey to your expectations and standards, consistently delivering high-quality results.

/ Initial Consultation

Dive into a bespoke journey tailored to your vision, where we evaluate your space and outline personalised conversion or extension strategies. Your needs and lifestyle guide our collaborative decision-making process.

/ Architectural Design

Our talented architects skillfully transform your unique vision into exceptional, stand-out designs.We craft spaces that integrate seamlessly, yet distinctively into your existing structure, emphasising balance and interaction.

/ Structural Engineering

Each project stands on our rigorous structural engineering principles. We prioritise safety, stability, and longevity, while ensuring adherence to local codes and standards. Our designs merge the beautiful with the steadfast.

/ Project Management

Our project management team expertly balances the project's various facets, ensuring timely completion. We value seamless coordination, preserving quality while adhering to schedules and budget.

/ Construction

Our construction phase unites quality materials and unparalleled craftsmanship. Our dedicated team transforms plans into tangible reality, ensuring each detail reflects the highest standards and your vision.

/ Quality Assurance

Our procedures guarantee craftsmanship, durability, and design integrity. Ensuring your satisfaction, every finish, every corner of your transformed living space conforms to our promise of excellence.

Let's Create Something Extraordinary.

Share your vision with our team and let's shape your dream space together.

A modern loft living room with a TV and a radiator in South East London.

Let's Create Something Extraordinary.

Share your vision with our team and let's shape your dream space together.

A modern loft living room with a TV and a radiator in South East London.

Let's Create Something Extraordinary.

Share your vision with our team and let's shape your dream space together.

A modern loft living room with a TV and a radiator in South East London.